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Pada awalnya band ini dianggotai Herri dan rakannya. Bittersweet began in mid 2004 with 2 members who had the same musical interests. Both played in an Ipoh band before, and got to know each other well during that time. Herri and Zabil occasionally met to hangout and eventually decided to try their hand at writing music together. Both heavily influenced by British music, the two decided to put their heads together and record an EP, just for fun.

Kemudian band ini dianggotai oleh Herri (gitar), Pijie (vokal/tamborin), Hafiez (gitar), Emai (keyboard/synths), Dinie (bass) dan pemuzik undangan, Alang sebagai Drummer. Persembahan pertama Bittersweet pada Ogos 2004 di Paul's Place menjadi titik permulaan band ini. 

Dalam masa 2 tahun, band ni bergiat cergas melalui gig dan event dalam negara. Sedikit demi sedikit band ni memperolehi kejayaan dan pengiktirafan.

Starting 2006, Bittersweet been received a rave reviews from the crowd and people mostly in Klang Valley itself. Bittersweet finished recorded their 1st single (A Perfect Match) on June 2006. The singles feedback was heavily impressive and the track A Perfect Match has been played in many radio stations such as Fly fm, Hot fm, and Mix fm. They also had been invited to play for a show at Baybeats festival 2006. By the end of 2006, Bittersweet has launched their 1st debut album, Perfect Match, on 16th December 2006 during Rock The World 7. Album "Perfect Match " telah direkod  di 101 Studio selama 3 hari sebelum proses seterusnya  yang lengkap hanya dalam masa 2 minggu. Two months later, after the album has released, they started for a tour around the country.

Band yang berasal dari Ipoh ini lebih selesa bergerak sendiri dengan menubuhkan label sendiri untuk menentukan perjalanan band melalui konsep D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself). Daripada pengedaran, recording dan konsep seni,semuanya datang dari ilham band ini sendiri dan bantuan rakan-rakan yang rata-ratanya memang berkebolehan dalam ciptaan lagu2 berkonsepkan British Pop/Rock.

Bittersweet, named after the ever so popular The Verve song, were one of the first to rush out of the gates from their hometown of Ipoh – Malaysia’s spiritual indie rock haven – to standout and be embraced by both the fashion-rock intelligentsia as well as hundreds of thousands raggedy indie kids.
The regional fringe scene, the band’s peers and their mobs of fans recognise how Bittersweet have passionately and tastefully combined Malay pop yeh yeh sensibilities with Madchester and Britpop cues, absorbed from their teenage years, to become South East Asia’s “new favourite band” for hipsters in the years since they started in 2004. 

Along with two or three other fellow indie rock revivalists Bittersweet would announce a Malaysian new wave of independent, ambitious bands that became popular on the strength of their Brit-inspired sound and a return to the bombastic stage presence, offstage attitude and glamorous aesthetic of their ‘60s and ‘90s idols.

On the back of 2008’s hit ‘KAMI: The Movie’ campaign, Bittersweet’s “Capital E”, off their debut album Perfect Match was one of the singles that suddenly launched “indie” as the nation’s new post-modern craze, boost the movie itself as a mainstream teen favourite and help elevate the soundtrack album as a prized collector’s item.

Before you write them off musically too, Bittersweet have chops to transcend genre – lead guitarist, main songwriter and founder Herri’s polished Telecaster jangle comes straight from the rare school of Stone Roses virtuoso John Squire and remains untouchable and admired by the band’s peers throughout the region. 

Gnarly, distinctive vocals by new singer Fizan, recruited from Brit-inspired pretenders Dance to the Radio, relaunch Bittersweet as an even more fearless and charismatic combo. Co-founder Emai adds the unsung melodic blanket to the band’s bright and busy dancefloor sound while quiet young guitarist Moon completes the sound and fury of Bittersweet with a George Harrison-esque aura.

Furthermore on tape, after hundreds of gigs under their belts and only two years into their album recording career, Bittersweet remain unapologetic for the influence they have on thousands of imitators with their glitzy brand of indie glam. Just what you’d expect from a gang of proper rock & roll stars that’s here to stay...

Members :

1. Herri (Hazairi Abdul Hamid) - Guitar, Vocals
“When I play guitar, I want people to hear the sound of the strings.”
Herri is the eldest in the band. He is the founder, main songwriter and lead guitarist of Bittersweet. Much like Noel Gallagher of Oasis, Herri is the heart, soul and brains of the band. Much of the group’s success to date owes to this bloke’s songs, guitar sound and his fearless ambition.
Straight out of Ipoh, Herri sounds like a storm onstage. A sound perfectionist, he leaves a lasting memory of his guitar chiming and ringing in audiences’ heads long after Bittersweet has rolled on to the next venue.

2. Emai (Fadhilul Iqmal Ishak) - Keyboards/Synths, Vocals
“Bittersweet has helped me grow musically, culturally in so many ways.”
Another son of Ipoh, Malaysia, Emai is the first and only keyboard whiz to have played with Bittersweet and has stuck with the band till today, blanketing their sound with driving synth runs and an arsenal of euphoric party sounds almost as big as his heart. Opting for the overwhelming whitewash of keyboards than the common flash of guitars, Emai is a rarity in local rock circles.

“Rock, punk, indie, pop, disco – we’re not specific to just ‘one type of indie’. But the fashion, our instruments, our attitude, you could say they are ‘Brit based’. We love playing in our hometown (Ipoh), they get us, we don’t have to front – there are no reputations to uphold,” says Emai.
The keyboard players adds on the musical future of Bittersweet: “Ahmad Jais and the other classic Malay musicians of that time, their output was truer, and that appeals to us, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say we’re headed in that direction.”

3. Fizan (Mohd Hafizan Mohamed Razali) - Lead Vocals
“We keep our lyrics, like for ‘Kucing Hitam’, more general, so it applies to everyone and no one in particular at the same time.”
After his own group, Dance to the Radio disbanded, charismatic Fizan was handpicked by Herri to replace the departure of original singer Pijie, who left for more spiritual pastures, denouncing a rock & roll career to learn the ways of Islamic Sufism. It hasn’t taken long for Fizan (who by the way, looks great in leather and is the youngest in the band at 22) to outlive his predecessor’s shadow.

4. Moon (Ahmad Munzir Noor Azmi) - Guitar, Vocals
“I don’t think we write straightforward love songs, but we do write about different kinds of love – love to your band mates and friends, to God, to your calling.”
Moon is the second youngest member of Bittersweet who was recruited from Malaysian Brit-like peers The Times. Fond of fit turtlenecks and rocking a Rickenbacker like he was born to play it, Moon’s looks the part and is a top lad onstage.

Influences :

Most of all each other. Love and life. movies, traveling, relationships etc. And lots of good music of 'course. But there is so much music in this world, that we can't mention just a couple of things, it would look silly and give you the wrong impression. So we choose to not mention anything.


1st Album - Perfect Match

- Mengandungi 10 buah lagu ciptaan sendiri. Antaranya A Perfect Match, Simone, Come On!, It's Monday, In Bloom, Get It On, Going Into The..., Big Black Hole, Capital E dan Kucing Hitam.
- Tight dari segi permainan alat muzik dan yang paling cambest ialah sound garage yang dipersembahkan kerana berjaya membawa evolusi sound2 matang dalam album/material.
- Kos produksi lebih kurang 10k dan 2 kali mastering
- Sound dan vocal-line cukup bagus!

2nd Album - Empire's Transition

- Mengandungi 13 buah lagu termasuk 1 lagu bonus track. Antaranya ialah Untitled, Four Years, Ceritera, Burn It Down, Knights Of The Round Table, 1234, What I've Been Looking For, Midnight Tripping, Older Than Before, Secret, Shiver, Next Aidilfitri dan bonus track indieprestasi iaitu getaran jiwa.
- Album ini terpaksa menjalani proses rakaman semula atas pengunduran diri daripada vokalis asal Bittersweet atas sebab2 yang tak dapat dielakkan.
- Di samping itu terdapat juga pertukaran ahli-ahli band
- Album ni diberi nafas baru disamping ahli-ahli band Bittersweet yang baru.


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